photographic retouching

Experts in digital manipulation, special effects and print enhancements

No matter how skilled the photographer, there are still times where a guest has inadvertently blinked or an unfortunate background was unavoidable, however the introduction of digital photography has allowed us to remedy these situations.














The careful enhancement of images can also be used to add an extra wow factor to a photograph.


      Eyes opened   

   Backgrounds changed

  Tattoo removal

  Removal/insert guest

  Facial blemish removal

  Dress correction

  Colour change

  Face swap

  Hat shadows reduced




Digital Magic!

Conversion to Black & White

whiile retaining some colour.

Soft Focus, Vignetting

Image parts adding

Bubbles. Confetti, Petals

Fireworks, Flowers, Skies, Moons, Tree’s.

Lighting effects, Border  &

Texture effects,

Creative art effects  etc.   


We offer a digital enhancement and restoration service for your own copyright free images

Please contact us for more details.

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