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About Us


Bellwood Photography Ltd began in 1949 following the “de-mobbing” of Eric Bellwood from the RAF, where he had served as a photographer during the war years. His duties had included the fitting of camera guns to Spitfires and Hurricane fighters, as well as the processing of reconnaissance  photography and air accident investigation.


Initially the business was based at Sturton Road, a few years later it moved to Stannington. The studio is now run by Eileen and Mike Bellwood from purpose built premises just off Stannington road.


Mike Bellwood had a formal photographic education at one of the top colleges in the country and has since  become a qualified member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers and an Associate of both the Royal Photographic Society and Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. He has been asked to lecture to other professional photographers.


Eileen Bellwood Bsc, specialises in print presentation and album layout designs. Special photographic effects and page designs they have created are used by 100’s of photographers worldwide and were recently requested by a European Album manufacturer to create exclusive page layouts for their products.  




Mike Bellwood, instructing his Father, Eric how to take a portrait!