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Negative archive clearance

Did we photograph your wedding or create portait’s for your family between 1977 and 2014 in which case we should still have the original negatives in our archive! This is your opportunity to obtain them before the archive is cleared

Following our recent relocation we simply no longer have the space available to store the thousands of negatives we have accumulated. If you are interested in acquiring your image originals  then, please contact us as soon as possible. Preferably by email with the following information.

Deadline 23rd  of January 2019

Date of Event

Name ( Married & Maiden for weddings)


Contact Email & Phone number


mike@bellwood.co.uk  07802 429956

Unfortunately our negative index is no longer  complete and in many cases we will have to search manually through boxes and boxes to track your images down, We charge a fee for this service

Set of Portrait Images             £20.00

Set of Wedding Images           £35.00

The negatives are the professional 120 size film and have retained wonderful quality and detail.


If you wish once we have located your negatives we can scan the films and provide you with  CD with high resolution images, these can then be printed from or used for digital display’s. The fee for this service is below and includes the disc or Stick as well as the original negatives.

Portait  £95.00

Wedding  £150.00  

This price is for copies of the photographs that have previously supplied in albums or prints, usually about 35-40 photographs for a wedding and 4-8 for a portrait. Session. Should you prefer copies of all the photographs taken on the day, The fee will depend on the total number of shots so POA.  

We require a 50% deposit with requests for scans and the balance on completion.

Payment may be made by BACS, Paypal, Cheque, and online Card.

Also Available Photographic Re-Prints, DVD and Computer slide show App.

If you have an old treasured photograph that has seen better days, we will be happy to quote for it’s restoration

Or digital conversion

Call for more information.

Eileen & I have not changed much since our 1989 wedding……………?

We have found the digital copies of old Family photo’s are very popular with the children